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Journey Continues!

Hello again,

Sorry to keep you waiting, but I finally made a decision on what kind of game I'm going to pursue and what language/programs I will use to achieve this goal!

After lots of debating, I chose SpriteKit. For those of you who do not know, that is strictly Apple. The reason I chose this route is that I want to focus on the software and the programming language that I already know. Sorry Droid people, but my first game will be Apple only.

The theme will be jungle and dinosaurs, aiming for an age 10+ audience and will include five different features. This game will be a strategy / puzzle game where you have to manage resources, scavenge, and build a base. I also want to implement a character customization and some sort of livestock / pet system. I know it's ambitious, but I want to set my goal high.

The next post will include my table of contents, or outline, for this game.

Thank you!